Samsung loses one-third of its Chinese smartphone market share in 2014

Samsung loses one-third of its Chinese smartphone market share in 2014There’s no denying China is where it’s at right now, with Chinese smartphone makers invading the global Top 5 and churning out phones like the delicious Xiaomi Mi Note Pro.

Alas, world’s number one Samsung seems to have lost the plot as far as Chinese consumers go, with its smartphone market share in China dropping by a third in 2014. Ouch.

Those are the figures according to MarketWatch, which says Samsung held 20% of the Chinese smartphone market in January 2014, falling to 13.7% by October.

That’s thanks to competition from Apple at the premium end, and native manufacturers like Lenovo, Huawei and Xiaomi further down the ladder.

Apple has been working closely with Chinese networks, while China’s own manufacturers continue to offer flagship-level specs at wallet-friendly price points.

It’s pointed out that the Xiaomi Mi 3 offers similar specs to the Samsung Galaxy S5, but at literally half the price. Meanwhile, Samsung has irked consumers with unpredictable price cuts. The Galaxy Note 3, for example, dropped by 500 Yuan within a week of release.

It’s suggested that Samsung might increase its focus on the low end in a bid to win back some of that Chinese smartphone market share, though others believe that’d potentially hurt Samsung’s brand.

To be fair, the South Koreans are still number one for now, but with Chinese smartphone manufacturers continuing their inexorable rise, I wouldn’t want to be in Samsung's shoes.

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