Samsung Mobile boss JK Shin paid ‘just’ £400,000 in Q3

Samsung Mobile boss JK Shin paid ‘just’ £400,000 in Q3In another sign that things aren’t going too well over at Samsung Mobile HQ, boss man JK Shin’s salary took a bit of a hit in Q3.

According to publically disclosed figures, JK Shin earned – get the tissues ready – “just” £400,000 last quarter.

That paltry sum is less than half of what Shin made in Q2 this year: 1.7 billion Korean won, roughly £957,000 in our money.

The figures are available thanks to a new South Korean law, stating that the country’s biggest earners must disclose exactly how much they’re taking home.

Before you go offering Shin a shoulder to cry on, get this: JK pocketed a massive £5.6 million bonus in the first quarter this year, thought to be a reflection of Samsung Mobile’s 2013 performance.

Alas, things aren’t so rosy in space year 2014AD. Samsung recently recorded its worst quarter in years, the iPhone 6 has proved insanely popular, and those Chinese manufacturers continue their inexorable rise.

For its next flagship, Samsung is said to be going back to the drawing board, as evidenced by the device’s internal codename: Project Zero. Simply throwing a QHD display on the Galaxy S5 clearly isn’t going to get the job done.

In the meantime, poor old JK will just have to tighten the old purse strings. Take it easy, bro. Our thoughts are with you.

via: The Wall Street Journal

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 15, 2014 at 11:34

I feel so sorry...


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