Samsung moves quickly to dismiss 'Samsung Facebook' rumours

Samsung moves quickly to dismiss 'Samsung Facebook' rumours

Samsung has put paid to a crazy rumour that it's secretly working on its own Facebook-clobbering social network, calling the allegations “groundless”.

The story emerged yesterday via The Korea Times, which reported an unnamed Samsung official as saying the service was being lined up to launch early next year, and was being referred to internally as “Samsung Facebook”.

Hardly the world's most secretive description, but nonetheless the story was picked up widely around the globe. In fact it spread so quickly that Samsung has taken just one day to issue an official denial.

A statement on the Samsung Tomorrow blog dismissed the rumours as “not true” and “groundless”, suggesting that the source had misinterpreted the company's efforts to update Family Story, a family-oriented convergence service focused on “sharing and storing families’ special moments”.

“It is true that we currently are working on upgrading Family Story as we always thrive to provide consumers with enhanced experiences, but this is far from a 'Samsung Facebook' as some are claiming it to be,” the statement reads.

The Korea Times piece alleges the company plans on rolling out the expanded service, to be built on Amazon's cloud computing platform, to Samsung users early next year, with a wider release to follow in due course.

“The eventual goal is to expand our social media service across different devices from different companies across different mobile platforms,” the source claims. “That includes cameras, televisions and Blu-ray players.”

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