Samsung and Mozilla team up for Servo, ‘next gen web browser engine’

Samsung and Mozilla team up for Servo, ‘next gen web browser engine’Mozilla is keeping itself fairly busy in the mobile field at present. In addition to beavering away on Firefox OS, it’s announced a new project with none other than Samsung.

Enter: Servo, described by Mozilla as an “advanced technology Web browser engine” with a liking for Android and ARM. Somewhere a guy with a Motorola Razr i just threw his phone down.

Mozilla CTO Brendan Eich boldly describes Servo as “an attempt to rebuild the Web browser from the ground up”.

Servo is written in Rust, Mozilla’s own “safe systems” programming language. Er, isn’t rust usually a bad thing? “It’s boat cancer, Ross!”

Moseying into jargon town, Eich explains that Rust features “efficient high-level, multi-paradigm abstractions” and “lightweight concurrency primitives”. Uhm, so does your mum.

As for Servo, the main concern seems to be security, and ultimately Samsung and Mozilla aim to deliver a “fast web browser” (sounds good) with “pervasive parallelism” (nope, you’ve lost me again).

Both Servo and Rust are described as "early stage projects", so don't expect to see the fruits of Samsung and Mozilla's labour any time soon.

In the meantime, if Eich’s tech talk has you all hot and bothered, by all means head over to The Mozilla Blog for more detail.

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This is why I love Mobot. No other site provides tech news with bundle of humour like Mobot. You should have an app

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