Samsung will 'never' buy webOS says CEO

Samsung will 'never' buy webOS says CEO

One thing is pretty clear about webOS right now, and that's that nothing much is clear. The Pre 3 smartphone is only in the process of launching at the moment – whatever that's going to amount to – while the TouchPad seems to have all but run out of stock, with no more coming for the time being anyway.

There is a bit of welcome clarity today when it comes to webOS itself, however. Rumours that HP was working on a deal to sell it off to Samsung have been officially squashed – by Samsung's own CEO.

We're not sure whether there was ever any real substance to the webOS-to-Samsung story, to be honest. It possibly traces its roots back to June and the story that was doing the rounds that HP was reportedly thinking of opening up webOS to other manufacturers – Samsung included, to try and increase its appeal.

We don't think it would have helped avoid the train wreck that's developed so soon afterwards, which is more about the simple fact that nobody actually wanted the TouchPad, and – seemingly – the Pre 3, not until their prices fell into ridiculous, and unprofitable, territory.

Anyway, to Samsung, and the rumour that swirled around briefly a couple of days ago that Samsung was thinking of taking webOS off HP's hands – the platform itself still being very highly thought of, after all.

Well the story had enough legs that it reached Samsung boss Choi Gee Sung himself, who's out in Berlin for the IFA technology show.

According to Bloomberg, Choi said Samsung would “never” pursue a deal to buy webOS, not with all the work and investment its already put into its own Bada OS.

“It’s not right that acquiring an operating system is becoming a fashion,” Choi told reporters when questioned about the speculation. Samsung, he said, was working on Bada “harder than people outside think”, as witnessed by the launch of a trio of new Bada phones at IFA.

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