Samsung Omnia Minuet: all yours for £249.98

Samsung Omnia Minuet: all yours for £249.98Remember the Samsung Omnia M from a couple of months ago? Windows Phone 7.5, 4-inch Super AMOLED screen? No? Well, maybe it's just as well given how that's not what it's called any more.

Instead we would like to introduce you to the Samsung Omnia Minuet, which can be yours on pre-order right now for a couple of pennies shy of £250.

Assuming it isn't a mistake of some kind, we're not quite sure what to make of the name. It's completely at odds with Samsung's existing naming convention (well, aside from the Omnia part, which is common to all its WP handsets). And in our own humble opinion, if you are going to break with tradition, surely you're going to go with something more noteworthy than the name “Minuet”. But maybe that's just us.

So what does your £250-odd get you? Not all that much if we're honest. Regardless of Microsoft's argument that Windows Phone's efficiency means it doesn't have to go chasing the latest high-end multi-core processors like Android does, a 1GHz single-core chip really seems hopelessly underpowered when you look at the competition out there, many of which are actually cheaper than the Minuet.

Alongside the processor you get similarly meagre servings of RAM (384MB), on-board storage (4GB) and camera megapixels (5MP). And as for that 4in Super AMOLED display, it only boasts a 480 x 800 resolution in keeping with Microsoft's rather conservative system requirements OEMs must comply with if they want its OS on board.

Speaking of which, Windows Phone 7.5 Mango comes pre-loaded as expected, though of course it won't be upgradeable to the sparkly new Windows Phone 8.

Put all that together and we genuinely struggle to see why anyone would be prepared to fork out nigh-on £250 for the Minuet when you can get something similarly competitive from the Android stable for much less money, or on Windows Phone itself in Nokia's Lumia range.

If you do fancy a closer look, head over to Unlocked Mobiles. Feel free to reserve your copy too, though at that price we can't imagine there'll be any shortage of stock come August 27, which is when the site claims the Omnia Minuet will go on sale.

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