Samsung to open 60 standalone stores across Europe with Carphone Warehouse

Samsung to open 60 standalone stores across Europe with Carphone Warehouse Samsung is teaming up with Carphone Warehouse to open a chain of more than 60 standalone bricks-and-mortar retail stores across Europe.

The stores will showcase both companies' mobile wares, with Carphone Warehouse having been named as Samsung's preferred partner across the continent.

The announcement follows the successful opening of three standalone stores in Spain last year, and sees the collaboration between the two firms expanding across Spain and to the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and the Netherlands.

“We are delighted to have been chosen as Samsung's preferred European partner for their store roll-out,” Carphone Warehouse boss Andrew Harrison commented.

“Our Connected World Services business will combine Carphone Warehouse's retailing expertise and systems with one of the world's biggest brands and will help us make even more lives better through connected technology.”

The stores will reportedly have a “premium look and feel”, and will sell Samsung mobile products including wearables, smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Samsung hasn't broken down the 60 stores by region, so we don't know how many will be located in the UK. However, it does say there's every chance of the relationship expanding going forward, so provided things go well initially we could see more branches opening up down the line regardless of the initial number.

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JanSt / MOD  Jan. 30, 2014 at 20:31

Carphone Warehouse storeshere in Ireland already lookand 'feel' like Samsung stores.
Almost all PR material on display are Samsung related. Accessories? Mostly Galaxy stuff and Apple.
Phones available instore? Mostly Samsungs. Working display models? Galaxies....
And if you ask for a high-end phone on prepay, you get this weird look and, "who'd spend that much money on a prepay phone". But ask for a Samsung flagship...they are ALWAYS in stock.


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