Samsung planning “something big” for IFA

Samsung planning “something big” for IFAThe Internationale Funkausstellung (or IFA, if you prefer) is the world’s largest trade show for consumer electronics and appliances of the home variety.

This year’s show takes place from September 2 to 7 in Berlin, and – as a tweet from Vlad Savov points out – Samsung is planning “something big”.

There’s an accompanying teaser video to go with Samsung’s claim, but unfortunately it’s much the same as the videos that preceded the Samsung Galaxy S II. Nothing to see here.

The video shows an array of trendoids sporting what we’re supposed to believe is a top-secret new Samsung smartphone, though in reality it’s probably an original Samsung Galaxy S, obscured with a bright golden glow.

If we take “big” literally, it could be one – or all – of a number of large handsets that recently popped up on a leaked Samsung roadmap. Supposedly Samsung has three sizeable Android smarthphones in the works, at 4.3in, 4.5in and 4.65in.

However, Samsung told us to take the roadmap with a pinch of salt, so… who knows?

We’ll find out for sure when IFA gets underway. Actually, Samsung appears to be doing its usual thing of unveiling goodies a day before the actual show opens i.e. September 1.

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DJ33  Aug. 20, 2011 at 20:43

Yeah the SamiPad 3, looks like an ipad but is a few millimetres bigger so not at all a blatant copy

blizzard7  Aug. 21, 2011 at 10:36

Umm... How much can you differentiate a large screen and a small bezel? It's like TV manufacturers suing each other because they have a screen and a border.

P.S. Just realised that has nothing to do with the article either :p


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