Samsung planning 'Design 3.0' approach to make its products more disctinctive

Samsung planning 'Design 3.0' approach to make its products more disctinctive Whatever HTC can do, Samsung can do better – or so the Koreans seemingly think.

Last year HTC introduced us to the magic of Marketing 2.0 as it looked to plot a course out of the mobile doldrums, but now Samsung seems to have gone one better: get ready for... Design 3.0.

The Korea Herald has reported on a management meeting this week between the Samsung top brass to discuss the company's design plans for the future.

The result? Design 3.0, which Samsung says is a design strategy focused “not only on external beauty and technical practicality of new products, but also about creating positive values and connecting with consumers”.

How that compares to the current approach to design – which we presume must be Design 2.0 – isn't made clear, but leading exec Yoon Boo-keun seemed pretty fired up afterwards.

“During the conference, new ideas on current design trend in the electronics market and strategies were exchanged,” Yoon said. “Everyone at the meeting agreed that consumers should be able to identify Samsung products easily.”

Wonder if a certain billion dollar lawsuit verdict had anything to do with that?

Anyway, it's not much of a story at all to be honest (to pre-empt comments to that effect below), but it does perhaps hint at the perceived difference between Samsung and in particular Apple, with the latter known for its Jony Ive-inspired focus on design.

Could this be another indication of Samsung “moving out of Apple's shadow”, or further proof of the design-by-committee approach that's the whole problem with Samsung's smartphone designs in the first place?

Fanboy-baiting aside, what do you think Samsung needs to do (aside from the standard ditch the plastic complaint) for consumers to “be able to identify Samsung products easily”?

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JanSt / MOD  May. 30, 2013 at 19:11

We know the power of AMOLED. So, stop rubbing it in with garish icon designs and unrealistic photo rendering.


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