Samsung prepping Gear watchphone?

Samsung prepping Gear watchphone?You can always count on the tech industry to upset spellcheckers. We’ve had smartphone, smartwatch, and the next step up the evolutionary ladder is the watchphone.

What the hell’s a watchphone? Why it’s a watch that doubles as a phone without relying on a smartphone for connectivity. Make sense? Hello?

It’s The Korea Herald telling us to expect an independently phone-capable Samsung Gear 2, the technical term being “USIM–embedded”. In layman’s terms: it does calls wivout smartphone, innit?

The main concern with a phone-capable Samsung Gear 2 would of course be battery life, though the Tizen-rockin' Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo (pictured above), announced at Mobile World Congress (MWC) last month, boast almost an entire week with “low usage”.

Of course, the watchphone isn’t an entirely new concept. It was explored by the LG Watch Phone back in 2009, which fell flat on its face, largely on account of price and limited functionality.

As for the Samsung Gear 2 watchphone, The Korea Herald says it’ll likely be exclusive to Korea initially – that’s according to “those close to the matter”.

I’m not really sure where I stand on this. Would a watchphone negate the need for a smartphone entirely? Could a man get by with a watchphone and tablet combo? Interesting…

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