Samsung promises ultra-high res tablet screens

Samsung promises ultra-high res tablet screensWe may go on about processors, cameras and on-board storage, but there's nothing like the display for making a visual impact no spec sheet can match.

Samsung is already known for the high-quality screens on its mobile devices – Super AMOLED Plus, anyone? – and it's promising there's plenty more to come.

The company has been showing off a few slides at the Samsung Mobilization event in California, revealing it is working hard to up that all-important pixels-per-inch (ppi) count significantly over the next few years.

Its first tablet effort, the original-generation 7in Galaxy Tab, boasted a 1,024 x 600 panel, which works out at around 170ppi. The just-announced 8.9in model ups that to 1,280 x 800 for about the same figure. But Samsung reckons it'll be pumping out slates with LCD panels boasting 300 to 400ppi densities by 2015.

That'll be the kind of pixel density that will make full HD displays possible even on larger smartphones, but for tablets it'll mean resolutions way beyond 1,920 x 1080 (or 1080p). Best of all, Samsung says the technology should be possible without affecting battery life.

The company mentioned 3D at the conference too, saying it was keeping a close eye on the glasses-free autostereoscopic 3D technology LG has used on the Optimus 3D and HTC on the just-launched Evo 3D, and says it may step into the market if they prove popular.

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