Samsung rep shows guys his Nexus Prime

Samsung rep shows guys his Nexus PrimeThat headline isn’t a euphemism by the way. We’re definitely talking about smartphones here, not penises.

At the Verizon Developer’s conference in Vegas this week, a Samsung rep took some dudes from The Droid Guy aside for a private swatch at the top-secret Nexus Prime.

There aren’t any pics to go on unfortunately, though The Droid Guy notes that the Samsung Nexus Prime is “a little taller and a little thicker" than the Google Nexus S.

Confirmed specs include 8MP/2MP rear/front cameras, NFC support, a TI dual-core OMAP processor, and Ice Cream Sandwich (Android something.something). The demo unit ran Gingerbread (Android 2.3.4) as ICS isn’t quite ready yet.

Interestingly, like the Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II, the Nexus Prime will have a single hardware button at the bottom.

As Eric Schmidt mentioned the other week, we should expect Ice Cream Sandwich – and by association the Samsung Nexus Prime – in October or November.

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