Samsung reportedly demos foldable displays to lucky few at Analyst Day

Samsung reportedly demos foldable displays to lucky few at Analyst DayWe had a steady trickle of vaguely interesting stuff coming out of Samsung’s Analyst Day last week, including the promise of 64-bit processors, better smartphone software, and foldable displays come 2015.

Mopping up one final trickle, we’re told that a lucky handful of people in fact witnessed Samsung’s foldable display prototypes first hand.

With foldable displays, what we’re hoping for is a device with the portability of a phone, that can also expand to offer the large-screened goodness of a tablet, the latter typically not fitting in your pocket.

Well, that’s exactly what Samsung has in the pipeline, as witnessed by Analyst Day attendee Jae H. Lee of Daiwa Securities, who subsequently whispered about the tech to The Wall Street Journal.

“The first one they showed us was the size of a [Samsung Galaxy] S3 smartphone which can be folded in half from top to bottom. So like a compact powder used by women,” begins the chap.

“There was also one in the size of a lengthy wallet which can be unfolded on both sides into the size of a tablet computer.”

Flexible/bendy/foldy tech is tipped to be one of the next big things in mobile (arguably going hand in hand quite nicely with wearable tech), and Samsung has seemingly booked its place at the head of the queue to dish it out.

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