Samsung reveals Galaxy Neo

Samsung reveals Galaxy NeoSamsung has revealed the latest addition to its Galaxy family, namely the Neo. It’s essentially a variant of the Samsung Galaxy Ace, and is expected to be a Korean exclusive.

The Samsung Galaxy Neo has the same 3.5in screen size as the Samsung Galaxy Ace, but ups the resolution from 320x480 to a sexier 480x800. The battery capacity is higher too, taking the original 1350mAh and stretching it to 1500mAh.

Like the Samsung Galaxy Ace, the Samsung Galaxy Neo will rock an 800MHz processor, and ships with Android 2.2 (Froyo).

The megapixelage is slightly lower, however, with 3MP on the Samsung Galaxy Neo compared to 5MP on the Samsung Galaxy Ace. The Neo also drops the Ace’s autofocus capabilities.

If you’re fluent in Korean, head over to the Samsung Korea site for the official blurb.

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