Samsung roadmap leaked, tons of goodies on the way

Samsung roadmap leaked, tons of goodies on the wayItalian site has gotten its hands on a leaked Samsung roadmap, and there’s a freakin’ ton of info to digest.

Included in the roadmap are a tablet, and no less than 11 phones. Android, Bada, Windows Phone 7… they’re all here. Mamma mia!

One of the most interesting is the GT-I9210 (W48). It has a 4.5in Super AMOLED display (480x800), 16GB internal storage, an 8MP rear camera and 2MP on the front, and a 1750mAh battery. Presumably it’ll be dual-core.

There's a souped-up Samsung Galaxy SII (GT-I9220 (W43)), with a 4.3in display (1280x720), 8MP camera and dual-core 1.4GHz processor.

Another big smartphone is the 4.65in Super AMOLED (1280x720) GT-I9250 (W48), which has a 5MP camera and is said to run Ice Cream Sandwich.

There’s a 7in tablet, essentially a Honeycomb-based version of the original Samsung Galaxy Tab. It has a modest 3MP/2MP rear/front camera combo. It comes with or without 3G.

Three new Bada phones are listed. They are the 3.2in/2MP GT-S5380 (W47), the 5MP/4in (Super AMOLED) GT-S8600 (W47), and the 3.5in GT-S7250 Wave M.

The Windows Phone 7-running Omnia W has a 3.7in display, 5MP camera and 1GHz processor.

Finally, there are some fairly modest Android guys:

GT-B5510 (W41): 2.8in display, QWERTY keyboard, Android 2.2.2 (Froyo), 800MHz processor, 3MP camera

GT-S5360 (W42): 3in display (240x230), Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread), 2MP camera

GT-S5610 (W42): 2.4in display (320x240), Android 2.3.3, 5MP camera

GT-I8150 (W40): 3.7in display (480x800), Android 2.3.3, 5MP camera, 4GB internal memory, 1.4GHz processor

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