Samsung round-up

Samsung round-upA few weeks back it was Nokia dominating the mobile news; every second story seemed to concern the Finns. This week it was Samsung’s turn. Blink and you’d miss, well, all sorts of Sammie-related stuff.

Fortunately for you (er, assuming you give a crap about the South Korean manufacturer), I’ve compiled all the Samsung junk into one handy feature. Ready? Deep breath…

First up we had the news that Samsung might’ve outsold Apple and Nokia in Q2 in terms of smartphones. Maybe. That was according to estimates by Strategy Analytics, anyway, which put Samsung at 18-21 million. Nokia shipped 16.7 million and Apple 20.3 million.

Later in the week we learned that Samsung’s Q2 profit fell by 18%, but it’s mobile business – thanks to smartphones like the Galaxy S II – more than doubled in profitability. Unfortunately, Sammie wouldn’t tell us how many smartphones it shipped. More on this later!

If you fancy a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (that’s the newer, slimmer model, not the chap we met at Mobile World Congress), you can grab one nationwide from Thursday. Or, if you’re really desperate, you could pop along to PC World on Tottenham Court Road. They have a one-day exclusive on Wednesday.

Speaking of the Galaxy Tab, it’s been all quiet on the 8.9 front recently. A mysterious device with a 1280 x 768 resolution was spotted on the Samsung Developer Centre online this week, and while it could be the Galaxy Tab 8.9, it’s been pointed out that it’ll run Honeycomb, not Gingerbread as this mysterious fellow does. Could it be some sort of high-res large-screened smartphone?

Some leaked pictures accompanied the news that the Samsung Galaxy S II might land on AT&T in the States next month, not only with a juicier processor, but also – get this – a QWERTY keyboard. What the…? No news of a UK release just yet.

Staying with the Galaxy S II, a white model has appeared on Clove with a £492 price tag and expected release of August 15.

Going back to sales figures, Samsung claims to have shipped five million Galaxy S IIs in just 85 days. Not bad. It also claims to have a 56% market share in its homeland of South Korea.

Finally, we’ve got the news that the Samsung Galaxy R - essentially a slightly toned down Galaxy S II - will be landing in the UK before the end of the month. Er, that’d be tomorrow then. We won’t hold any grudges if it’s a few days late.

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Guan  Aug. 1, 2011 at 05:28

There was also a leaked reports of a 3D version of the S II expected in Q4.


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