Samsung rubbishes Galaxy S II delay talk... sort of

Samsung rubbishes Galaxy S II delay talk... sort of

It's the fun game everyone's playing: it's called “Guess when the Samsung Galaxy S II is launching”. Some say April, some say May, some even say June.

Surely Samsung itself can straighten the matter out? Well, yes... and no. You see, the Korean firm has come out and commented on the matter, but its answer pretty much adds up to all of the above.

Confused? We're not surprised. After all, it was just yesterday we reported word that the Galaxy S II probably wouldn't be with us until June.

A day later and Samsung steps out into the Twitterverse with the following: “Samsung GALAXY S II will be first released in April, as planned.” Nothing confusing there, is there? No, but note the word “first”.

A follow-up tweet elaborated: “it will be gradually rolled out in each market according to the local launch timetable.”

So, to sum up, the Galaxy S II will in fact make its appearance somewhere in the world this month, but we don't know where. And even then, it'll probably only be available in limited numbers as it is “gradually rolled out”.

Kind of makes you not want to bother, doesn't it?

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