Samsung rumourama: Project J, Galaxy Note II mini, 13.3in Transformer-killer

Samsung rumourama: Project J, Galaxy Note II mini, 13.3in Transformer-killerIt's only Tuesday, but if you thought yesterday's Galaxy Pocket Plus rumours meant we were done speculating about alleged new Samsungs for the week, think again.

In fact, today we have three rumoured new Sammys to draw your attention to: first comes the flagship “Project J”, then there's a throttled back version of the Galaxy Note II, and finally a resurfacing of that 13.3in tablet rumour that keeps popping up.

As has become the norm recently, it's SamMobile dishing up the latest on all things Samsung-related. It claims the Project J is the internal name for the Galaxy S IV, or “the next Galaxy” as Samsung will probably insist on calling it right up to the last minute.

Disappointingly, though, while the name certainly delivers on the tantalising anticipation front, there's nothing behind it but the same rumours we've been hearing all along. In other words, nothing has changed, the Galaxy S IV is still coming around April, and it may or may not be referred to as the Project J along the way.

Thankfully, there's more substance to the claim of a stripped down variant of the Galaxy Note II being on the cards. The idea, it seems, is to bring the entry point for ridiculously large-screened device further down the food chain. We're told it'll be Europe-specific, won't have an AMOLED screen, and will ditch the S Pen for an as-yet-unspecified alternative.

Let's just hope Samsung doesn't call it the Galaxy Note II mini.

Last up is a 13.3in tablet, which will see Samsung go head to head with the Asus Transformer thanks to a QWERTY docking station. SamMobile's source isn't confirming the operating system, so it could be Android or Windows 8. Or, knowing Samsung, both.

And that's it for now. We'll no doubt be back to talk about another half-dozen new Samsung devices in a few hours.

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JanSt / MOD  Dec. 4, 2012 at 11:22

Wouldn't mind a 13in tablet. As long as it's not Windows 8 - and makes use of screensize a la Samsung's multi-windows (ahem 2) splitting...


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