Samsung SGH-C300 on Virgin Mobile, £9 @ eBay (Argos)

Samsung SGH-C300 on Virgin Mobile, £9 @ eBay (Argos)[Grab a Samsung SGH-C300 for £9 @ eBay (Argos)]

In an ideal world, the Argos store on eBay would be called eBos Argay. Alas, it’s just plain old Argos. But, on the plus side, there's currently a sweet deal on the Samsung SGH-C300. Argos has “more than 10” of the things for £8.99.

The Samsung SGH-C300 is a fairly basic little slider phone, but ideal for someone who only needs to send texts and make the occasional call. Check out the full specs on the Samsung website.

The phone comes locked to Virgin Mobile.

Do note that Argos has a policy where only one mobile can be purchased per customer in any 30-day period. Delivery is free, and takes two to three days.

(Thanks to Sliwka on HUKD)

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