Smartphone screens that bend? That's so 2012!

Smartphone screens that bend? That's so 2012!A phone that bends? Pah - we've had them ever since the days of the StarTac.

But what about one with a screen that bends? Fairly futuristic - but also maybe available next year in the form of something like the Samsung Galaxy Skin.

It was originally a concept phone and, we admit, an object of lust, love and wonder at first sight. The idea that you could curve your screen (this one had enough bend in it to go around a pipe) is like nothing out there at the moment. And with a 1.2GHz chip, 1GB of RAM and 8MP camera, this is no bimbo.

Normally, it'd stay firmly in the grip of fantasy but now we have International Business Times claiming Samsung is indeed producing flexible AMOLEDs with a hope of having them for market in Q2 of next year.

Indeed, the South Koreans have been working on flexible displays and showed them off at CES this year. Predictably, there's not been any admission from Samsung that a device of this calibre is out of concept phase and into reality but we wouldn't expect there to be for some time.

It'll be interesting to see how Samsung manages to play this. Even if a screen is versatile, lots of elements inside these mini computers like the processors and cameras are not. Having said that, jelly batteries could help in the future, though we sense they will take a bit longer to get to the party.

We certainly think it'll be an amazing feat - having a phone that you can bend around your wrist as a watch, mould into position to watch a movie on the screen and much, much more and our little minds are working overtime already.

Although there are two key problems waiting to rear their heads.

Firstly, it will NOT be cheap. That is almost guaranteed.

And Secondly, Apple will probably claim bendy screens were its idea and have it pulled off the shelves before any of us can get our bags of cash out and slam them on the counter anyway (note to fanboys - that bit was meant tongue-in-cheek).

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Treab  Sep. 23, 2011 at 18:18

this could be brilliant if they could... but atm the only way i can see them doing it would be to allow it to bend in places and keep the hardware central and make it too much like a watch phone.


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