Samsung spills the beans on 8.9in Galaxy Tab launch

Samsung spills the beans on 8.9in Galaxy Tab launchIt's official: Samsung's mid-size 8.9in Galaxy Tab will have its grand reveal in three weeks time at the CTIA Wireless trade show in Florida.

An official invite to a “Mobile Unpacked 2011” event has gone out to US journalists, not naming the 8.9in Tab specifically but leaving us in no doubt as to what's coming thanks to some fancy number-play.

The invite has the words “What's your Tab life? 78910” laid on top of an image of a tablet, with a subtle honeycomb pattern featuring too for good measure. The event is scheduled for March 22, the opening day of CTIA Wireless, the world's biggest wireless trade show, to be held in Orlando, Florida.

So what's the number all about? Well, it's quite simple really. The original Galaxy Tab had a 7in screen size, so that accounts for the “7”. The larger model we saw launched at Mobile World Congress has a 10in screen (actually it's 10.1in, but we'll ignore that), which takes care of the “10” at the end. All that's left, then, is the “89” in the middle, which is nicely accounted for by a new Tab featuring an 8.9in screen – just like we heard was coming a week ago.

If even those gentle brain gymnastics are beyond you, though, you can always head for the Samsung Mobile page, where things are laid out pretty clearly: “Were you excited about the introduction of our Galaxy Tab 10.1 at 2011 Mobile World Congress? If you so, we've got more surprises in store at our Unpacked event on 3/22!”

And let's not forget that Samsung said the Galaxy Tab would come in three sizes way back in June last year when the 7in Tab was first shown off.

We haven't got anything to go on in terms of specs at this stage – aside from the obvious hint that Android Honeycomb will be present and correct – but we wouldn't be too surprised to see a few details leaking out in the run-up to the Florida unveiling.

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