Samsung suggests 'The Next Galaxy' is metal and glass

Samsung suggests 'The Next Galaxy' is metal and glassQuick moan: wherever you see "The Next Galaxy", it's safe - more than safe - to assume we're talking about the Galaxy S6. HTC is openly talking about "the new HTC One", but Samsung refuses to directly acknowledge what we already know: that it's launching the Galaxy S6 on March 1.

Anyway! Under the "Next Galaxy" hashtag (ooh, what could it be?!), Samsung has been indulging in a spot of video-based teasing, suggesting the Galaxy S6 could be comprised - as we've heard before - of metal and glass.

We're looking at @SamsungMobile here, the official Twitter account of - yep, you guessed it - Samsung Mobile.

The guys Tweeted yesterday: "I am #TheNextGalaxy. See what inspired me at #Unpacked", with an accompanying 21-second video.

In said video, we're seeing tons of glass and a presumably metal bookcase, as voiceover guy purrs: "I am crafted from the beautiful things I see around me. They shape who I am. I am The Next Galaxy."

For a long time the Samsung Galaxy S6 design was rumoured to be all-metal, but more recently we've come to expect a metal trim and glass rear, perhaps in order to accommodate wireless charging.

We also get a very quick glimpse at the Samsung Galaxy S6's profile, but there's not a whole lot to take away, other than a fairly thin design.

At the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch, we're also expecting to meet the Galaxy S6 Edge, a unique powerhouse beast with two Edge displays.

Again, full story on March 1, one week from tomorrow!

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TJ Skywasher  Feb. 21, 2015 at 11:30

lol "I am #TheNextGalaxy. See what inspired me at #Unpacked"

The iPhone 6 perhaps?!


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