Samsung switching to a metal chassis for the Galaxy S5?

Samsung switching to a metal chassis for the Galaxy S5?Samsung's Galaxy S4 may be plastic and proud of it, but it's looking increasingly likely that its successor, which'll be called the Galaxy S5 if there's any sense in the world – will come dressed in metal.

Korean site ETNews says Samsung is setting up a new production line to manufacture the metal chassis, and should be ready to flip the switch by the end of the year.

It's not the first time rumours have popped up suggesting Samsung's next flagship will be metal-bodied. Similar reports were doing the rounds back in June, but with very little by way of details.

According to ETNews, The new Korean facility will look after sample development and pilot production, before mass production gets underway in Vietnam.

Given the popularity of the metal bodied HTC One that launched early this year, many were predicting Samsung would follow suit with the Galaxy S4.

But not only did the S4 come with a polycarbonate chassis like its predecessors, Samsung argued it was actually the superior of the two options, pointing at the strength and quality of the S4's chassis as justification for sticking with the plastic.

However, it will surely have noted the continued criticism of the use of polycarbonate on the Galaxy S4, and what is perceived to be a general lack of build quality on the Galaxy flagship overall.

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