Samsung teases rumourmongers with ‘Is This The Next?’ site

Samsung teases rumourmongers with ‘Is This The Next?’ siteThere’s been no shortage of Samsung Galaxy S6 rumours of late, ably summed up by some guy, incidentally, in Samsung Galaxy S6 launch preview. Good wee read.

In the latest twist, Samsung is taking the proverbial P with a site called “Is This The Next?”, which takes five of the most popular rumours and shows us what the resulting phone might look like.

Each of the five phones is completely over the top, and nothing like the phone we’re expecting from the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 on Sunday.

The three-sided Galaxy S6 is a triangle, for example, while the glass Galaxy S6 is completely transparent.

Is This The Next? defines the top five rumours like this:

  1. One feature that we might see is forward-facing stereo speakers
  2. The new Galaxy is expected to be durable
  3. Samsung Galaxy display is supposed to reach onto 3 sides
  4. It has been rumoured that the new Galaxy will feature a larger display
  5. Rumours point to an all-glass Samsung Galaxy

To be honest, this seems like an excuse to share five OTT concepts rather than a tongue-in-cheek preview of the Galaxy S6.

We’re expecting the Samsung Galaxy S6 to be comprised of metal and glass, for example, not “all-glass”, and if anything we’re expecting the Galaxy S6 to be less durable than the Galaxy S5 since it probably won’t be waterproof.

Anyway! Interesting concepts regardless. Rather than attempt to describe them, I’ll let you hit up these blue words.

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