Now Samsung is tipped to buy out Nokia

Now Samsung is tipped to buy out NokiaIt's safe to say that Nokia isn't exactly going through the most successful phase of its existence, with its smartphone market share crumbling and the Windows Phone partnership still as much as half a year away from yielding its first actual phone.

So it's no surprise that rumours of a buyout just won't go away. First there was talk of Microsoft swallowing up the Finnish phone maker, and now comes the claim that Samsung too is sniffing around looking for a bargain.

The Dow Jones newswire reports upspecified “market speculation” that Samsung is considering making a move for the once-mighty phone giant. Both sides moved quickly to distance themselves from the reports, but the rumours continue to circulate.

Nokia's share price has fallen significantly over the last couple of weeks after the company warned it wouldn't make its Q2 sales targets and was withdrawing its full year projection altogether.

This on the back of existing rumours that Microsoft – the company Nokia signed a partnership with back in February to push Windows Phone 7 on Nokia hardware – was thinking of stepping up its interest with a $19bn buyout.

Samsung certainly has the financial clout to make a move, having seen its mobile operations go from strength to strength over the past year or two. However, that is as much a reason to discount a buyout as anything, especially since Samsung already has a strong involvement in both Android and Windows Phone 7.

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 9, 2011 at 13:39

Yeah well... This rumour could come from so many 'interested' parties, incl Nokia.
Worth noting that overall Samsung had a not so great 2010. Surprised? Yeah, me too - but except for their mobile devision, Samsung's financial year '10 was rather bad. So solidifying its mobile arm would make sense.
Samsung have gotta be aware of the fact that many people still don't trust them in terms of built quality. Great software, in midrange quality hardward. I think a lot of folks would love a Samsung device with the quality hardward of an N8 or E7.
STILL, this is pure speculation.
Nokia are definitely 'done in'. And still, they screw the last loyal users. E6, X7 'now shipping'...yay. Then it's 'end of June'.
And older S^3 devices won't get Anna before those 2 are in the shops. It's now 6 months late.
I have been patient with Nokia, mainly because I don't want a 2-OS system. Look how 'well' our 2-party systems work for us ;)
But maybe it's time to burn down completely.
At this point I cannot say that I care much. I won't buy a wp7 device. Not Nokia's. Not anyone's. Biased? You bet.


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