Will Samsung top half a billion phone sales in 2013?

Will Samsung top half a billion phone sales in 2013?Let's face it: a lot of things aren't certain in life, but you won't score too many bonus points for predicting Another Good Year for Samsung in 2013.

It's hard to see a downside for a company being tipped to shift a total of 510 million mobile phones next year, with an incredible 390 million of them expected to be smartphones.

Those are some fairly unbelievable numbers, but they come from the Korea Times, which quotes “an executive at one of Samsung's key suppliers”, so we can certainly take the numbers seriously – even if they do seriously outstrip Gartner's own prediction of 250-300m smartphones sales from the over-achieving Koreans in 2013.

Even if the number is closer to Gartner's more modest forecast, 2013 should still see Samsung cement its place as the world's leading mobile phone maker, a title it took off Nokia for the first time this year – though Nokia's own numbers lean a lot more heavily towards feature phones than Samsung's do.

And therein lies the true measure of Samsung's success, and Google's for that matter – and even Microsoft's (possibly) in 2013. Led by the Galaxy S III (and previously its forebears), Samsung's success is fronted by high-margin premium smartphones, rather than the (typically) high-volume but lower-profit devices that have increasingly dominated Nokia's sales lists in recent years.

It means crucially that not only is Samsung the top-selling mobile phone maker, but it's also the most profitable (Apple might potentially argue that one, but no-one else would even try). Total profits at Samsung are predicted to hit $19.55bn next year, up from $17.68bn this year.

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JanSt / MOD  Dec. 27, 2012 at 16:10

Ahem... call me iSheep, but I argue the point. How many devices and device variants does Samsung need to support (or fail to support - hello, Ace)? How few in comparison does Apple need to shift and worry about?
It's like saying McD's are more profitable than some fancy schmanzy restaurant chain, when said restaurant can sell baked beans pizza for £30 and call it ironic cuisine...


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