Samsung trademarks Galaxy Adore, Galaxy S Fitness and Galaxy V: (yes, with colon)

Samsung trademarks Galaxy Adore, Galaxy S Fitness and Galaxy V: (yes, with colon)A few days ago, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) revealed the Gear Now and Gear Solo (presumably two new smartwatches) in name, and the Samsung juggernaut continues unabated.

The USPTO is at it again, this time revealing the Samsung Galaxy Adore, Galaxy S Fitness and Galaxy V:. And no, that’s not a typo; it’s the Samsung Galaxy V Colon. Weird.

That’s the story over on PhoneArena, though there’s not much else to go on. No pictures, no description and no specs, unfortunately. However, the ‘Galaxy’ in the names almost certainly denotes Android.

The Samsung Galaxy S Fitness will likely come with an abundance of integration with the, er, Samsung Gear Fit, we imagine, the latter being an RTOS fitness band thingy.

Without intending to sound like a sexist moron, the Samsung Galaxy Adore sounds a tad girlie. As such, I’m putting my money on something with a large screen and powerhouse front camera, though with less juice under the hood than the Galaxy Note 3.

As for the Samsung Galaxy V:, I’m all out. I guess it’ll be related to the Samsung Galaxy S5. In some capacity. Maybe.

Of course, trademarking names doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be used, so this inane/insane speculation could all be for nowt.

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