Now Samsung tweaks its naming strategy

Now Samsung tweaks its naming strategy

First we had Nokia doing it, now Samsung has followed suit. We're talking about naming strategies, which is apparently the new hot trend among mobile manufacturers.

It's more of a clarification than a complete about-turn for Samsung, as most of its handsets will still be called Galaxy or Omnia or Wave something-or-other, but Sammy has at least come up with a branding philosophy for how to break things down futher. Read on, if you dare.

Samsung stories really have taken on a multi-national flavour lately. First we had the roadmap (since denied by Samsung) popping up on an Italian site, and now we have the naming strategy hitting us from a Lithuanian strategy. But fear not, in this case the details are simply too fruity to be anything other than true.

Right, so it all basically boils down to letters. Actually, not entirely, but mostly. There are five letters that count – S, R, W, M and Y. As the handy diagram above reveals, the letter S sits above the others, and marks a flagship device in any range.

Below that are four further letters that denote both the type and focus of a device, and generally its price bracket.

And here's where it gets slightly ridiculous.

According to Samsung, R is for “royal or refined”, W stands for “wonder”, M for “magical” and Y for “young-minded”.

Having never really felt like any of those things, we're wondering if Samsung could introduce another line – N for “normal”.

Via GSM Arena

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