Samsung unveils new Galaxy Tab with Ice Cream Sandwich

Samsung unveils new Galaxy Tab with Ice Cream SandwichSamsung's going for it full throttle with its Android Ice Cream Sandwich announcements - it's just revealed a brand new tablet to tease us with, naturally running Android 4.0.

It's the Galaxy Tab 2 (7in) and seems to nod more towards the original Froyo-powered Galaxy Tab than more recent offerings. Internal specs come in at 1GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and a display showing off some 1024 x 600 LCD pixels.

It'll be available in Wi-Fi and 3G flavours and rock two cameras (3MP round the back, VGA straight ahead). You'll be able to pick one up in the UK from next month with Blighty being the first country to get its hands on the blasted thing.

No word yet on UK pricing but Sammyhub helpfully gives us the relevant info for our Scandinavian cousins:

Wi-Fi: 2,995SEK (450USD)
3G: 3,695 SEK (556USD)

Wi-Fi: 349EUR (463USD)
3G: 429EUR (568USD)

Wi-Fi: 2,400NOK (420USD)
3G: 2,990NOK (523USD)

Wi-Fi: 2,350DKK (419USD)

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Stelph  Feb. 13, 2012 at 16:45

Odd, are samsung getting a bit carried away with their tablets now? From what I see they have the original Tab thats been replaced with the tab+, the tab 7.7, tab 8.9, tab 10.1 and now this, the tab 2?

All those tablets have different SoC's (I think the 8.9 and 101 are Tegra 2, the rest are Cortex A9 with Mali 400) so its getting quite confusing in samsung tablet land


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