Samsung: we'll be the world's biggest in 2012

Samsung: we'll be the world's biggest in 2012

Samsung is feeling bullish about its chances of overtaking Nokia as the world's largest mobile phone maker in 2012, boss man Choi Gee-sung reckons.

Speaking at CES 2012 in Las Vegas, the Samsung CEO revealed that Samsung has already overtaken Nokia in terms of revenue, and was catching up fast in terms of total phones sold.

And while Nokia's strength is in producing high-value handsets targeting new mobile users in emerging markets – its so-called Next Billion strategy – Samsung's focus is mainly on the smartphone market, where it has seen a four-fold increase in sales in the past year alone.

Android's rise to prominence was achieved largely in partnership with HTC, but over the past two years Samsung has increasingly become the number one Android hardware manufacturer – the ever-expanding Galaxy range is testament to that.

Throw in some Windows Phone action along with Sammy's own Bada operating platform and you've got a device maker that's clearly on the up and up.

Nokia has ruled the roost in terms of handset sales for 14 years now, and Reuters reckons its final tally for 2011 will come in at around 418 million units sold, as compared to Samsung's 320 million. It believes those figures will be 388 million and 359 million respectively in 2012 – not quite agreeing with Choi's assessment, but coming to the same overall conclusion: Nokia's days at the top of the pile are numbered.

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JanSt / MOD  Jan. 11, 2012 at 15:39

Question is how great a longterm strategy that is? Like Nokia, Sammy churn out loads and loads of handset models. Once they become the new Nokia, they may well go down like Nokia... Granted, that is a pessimistic longterm view, but maybe Apple are doing the right thing by releasing and focussing on a relatively small number of devices, while really making the big dough with other people's output - ie apps, music, movies etc ... even if a recession (couldn't happen, eh) stops people from shelling out for new and newer and newest hardware, for a while at least they will continue to buy their quickfix of fun and thrills...


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