Samsung’s bada to merge with Tizen

Samsung’s bada to merge with TizenCast your minds back to late September, almost four months ago, when Tizen – an all-new Linux-based open source OS – was first announced.

At the time we mentioned that Samsung had its finger in the Tizen pie, and now we’re hearing that it will in fact absorb bada. What the heck?

The news comes via Tae-Jin Kang, Samsung’s Senior Vice President of Contents Planning, who said at CES: “We have an effort that will merge bada and Tizen.” Kang was unsure when the project will complete, but reveals that the wheels are already in motion.

Once Samsung's OS has been digested, Tizen will offer full backwards compatibility with apps already published for bada. Going forward, there’ll be just one SDK, and the theory is that developers who’ve been working for bada will be able to make the transition to Tizen with minimal fuss.

Samsung is a bit of a mobile operating slut. Its primary focus for now is Android, but it also releases phones running bada and Windows Phone 7, and was announced as one of the leaders of Tizen’s “technical steering team”.

Incidentally, bada has been ticking away quite nicely in the background, shifting more units than Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.

via: Forbes

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