Samsung’s dedicated ID chip to thwart unlicensed third-party accessories?

Samsung’s dedicated ID chip to thwart unlicensed third-party accessories?There’s no shortage of third-party accessories out there for Apple and Samsung phones, ranging from cheap – and potentially dangerous – knock-offs to fully licensed beasts.

Taking a page out of Apple’s book, Samsung is tipped to block unlicensed accessories by way of a dedicated ID chip.

That’s the goss from Korean-language ETNews (ably relayed by the dudes at SamMobile), which has now run a couple of stories on the Samsung third-party ID chip topic.

The Korean newsmen initially proposed that Samsung would implement a dedicated ID chip in its future smartphones, effectively blocking unlicensed third-party products including chargers.

A follow-up article suggests that the ID chip is in fact already present in the spanking new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and that testing will be conducted with some accessories.

Samsung might claim that it has safety in mind, with cheap knock-offs – in the worst case – being potentially unsafe, with the fire and the electric shocks and what have you.

Of course, more cynically, Samsung stands to make more money if only official and licensed accessories work with its devices.

The South Korean manufacturer has yet to comment officially, but inevitably we’ll hear more on the ID chip in due course if it becomes the standard for Samsung smartphones.

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an1  Oct. 25, 2013 at 01:55

Anti-competitive business practices FTW!


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