Samsung's flexi 'phone to be called Galaxy Round, launching this week?

Samsung's flexi 'phone to be called Galaxy Round, launching this week?The Samsung Galaxy Round – that's the name Samsung's flexible-screened Galaxy Active variant is expected to go by when it's officially announced, possibly this very week.

So claims the Korean media [translated], though they only say it “might” launch this week, and that the Galaxy Round name is “tentative”.

Still, it's the newest intel we have to go on, so we'll go with it for now. And anyway, it's going to be called Galaxy something, and given the slightly abstract but suggestive nature of other Galaxy device names (think Gear, Active, Zoom), Galaxy Round seems plausible enough.

There's still a fair bit of conflicting evidence as to the exact spec, largely because leaks and rumours for the Galaxy Round were largely rolled into existing Galaxy Note 3 speculation until it became clear that Samsung was actually working on a separate handset with a flexible screen.

Despite the fact that the plastic substrate used by the bendy display Galaxy campaigner is more durable and ultimately cheaper to produce, the ultimate price for the Galaxy Round is expected to be a high one (supposedly above 1 million Won, or £580) since it's the first of its kind and production numbers are expected to be very limited.

Via Phone Arena

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socialjeebus  Oct. 8, 2013 at 02:50

The joys of google translate.

It's is expected to launch next week at the latest - and be for sale domestically.

Interestingly they're still deciding on pricing 3 but the low estimate is 900,000won.

Hoping that the key selling point will be the design , and that it represents the way forward for the smartphone market as opposed to simply upping the specs.

It is a little light on detail - it goes on to talk about why it should have a lower price than the Note 3.

socialjeebus  Oct. 8, 2013 at 02:51

Just to clarify, being for sale domestically probably means on pre-order in this case (the article doesn't state one way or the other).


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