Samsung’s flexible AMOLED displays still delayed till 2013

Samsung’s flexible AMOLED displays still delayed till 2013A few weeks ago I scribbled a quick news story with the headline Samsung’s flexible AMOLED delayed till 2013. Fairly self-explanatory, right?

Now we’re hearing from a different eastern source that we definitely shouldn’t expect flexible AMOLED before the end of the year.

In the previous news item, it was Korea’s DDaily telling us that Samsung had encountered low yield problems in the flexible AMOLED manufacturing process.

This time it’s ETNews, however they're throwing in an altogether different reason for the flexible AMOLED delay.

The Extra Terrestrials reckon Samsung has pushed back its flexible AMOLED plans thanks - at least in part - to the continued success of plain old inflexible AMOLED, as found in the Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Note II, for example.

Indeed, Samsung is reportedly looking to increase production of inflexible AMOLED, and in doing so would expand to lines that were earmarked for flexible AMOLED production.

Flexible AMOLED has been demoed in silly bendy phones, however it’ll also have a practical application in increasing durability.

It’s still not entirely clear when Samsung will crank flexible AMOLED production. We wouldn’t be surprised to see some sort of progress come Mobile World Congress. Maybe.

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