Samsung's Galaxy F to be the same size as the Galaxy S5 despite bigger QHD display?

Samsung's Galaxy F to be the same size as the Galaxy S5 despite bigger QHD display?We wrote about the Samsung Galaxy F just yesterday, but today's a brand new day and with it comes some brand new rumourage regarding the phone we still think of as the Galaxy S5 Prime.

And you can hardly blame us, since today's bit of Galaxy F speculation suggests it may be a lot more similar to the standard Galaxy S5 than we were thinking.

You see, the Galaxy F has just made its way through FCC certification in the US – well, actually a trio of devices known as the SM-G906S, G906K and G906L have, but apparently they are all variations on the Galaxy F formula.

Anyway, one of the diagrams submitted by Samsung shows the basic dimensions of the device(s) in question as being 72.5mm x 142mm respectively – the precise dimensions of the Galaxy S5 itself.

Consider that alongside probably the most concrete bit of info we've had about the Galaxy F all along – that it'll come with a higher-res QHD display measuring 5.2in across rather than the 5.1in 1080p panel used by the GS5 – and it must mean the Galaxy F has a slightly slimmer bezel than the Galaxy S5.

It's a pity there's nothing about the device's thickness and overall weight, as that would give us a better picture of just how similar the Galaxy F will be in physical terms to Sammy's current flagship.

Then again, why spoil the potential for further Galaxy F speculation pieces down the line by giving everything away now?

Via TechRadar

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