Samsung’s plan to beat the iPad: thin design, metal frame

Samsung’s plan to beat the iPad: thin design, metal frameFor an Android tablet maker like Samsung, the obvious question when putting together a new high-end device is: How can we make this thing more popular than the iPad?

Samsung reckons it has the answer for the successor to the Galaxy Tab S, the aptly named Galaxy Tab S2: metal frames and an even slimmer design than the iPad Air 2.

Apple’s iPad Air 2 was launched last October as the world’s thinnest tablet, at 6.1mm, and while it’s since been surpassed by the 6mm Dell Venue 8 7000, it’s still ridiculously thin.

According to sources of SamMobile, Samsung reckons that’s the recipe for success: make the Galaxy Tab S2 even thinner than the iPad Air 2, with premium metal trims for good measure.

Interestingly, we’re told the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 will come in 8in and 9.7in variants, roughly the same size as the iPad mini 3 (7.9in) and iPad Air 2. The current Galaxy Tab S pairing comes in 8.4in and 10.5in flavours.

Furthermore, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablets will match the 4:3 aspect ratio of the rumoured Galaxy Tab A and Galaxy Tab A Plus (and in turn the iPad).

What do you think? Is Samsung onto a winner with a thin design, metal frames and 4:3 aspect ratio, or are you more concerned with factors like RAM, multitasking and battery life?

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TJ Skywasher  Feb. 17, 2015 at 17:56

Give it up Samsung. When will they realise that's it's not all about specs and trying to beat the competition on things that most people don't care about, i.e thinness.

Sure it's nice having a thin and light tablet, I love my iPad Air 2 and it's noticeably thinner than the iPad Air, but do people really consider thinness as the number one thing when buying a tablet? There's lots of phones out there that always claim to be thinner than the latest iPhone but can you name any of them? Did customers rush out to snatch them up because they were point something of a millimetre thinner?

And it's about time Samsung started making all metal devices, sticking a metal frame on the device doesn't count as an all-metal construction as has been advertised on a few of their phones. These things still end up with a plastic back, you'd have thought with Apple having all metal products for years that Samsung would have been quicker to copy that.

pat-w  Feb. 17, 2015 at 21:06

Great, I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab S yesterday & today you run a story about its successor before I've had the thing less than 24 hours.
There's a £100 trade in on any Samsung over 7" & as I had an old Tab 3 8inch at least it was a good price. If anyone's interested, the offer is on the John Lewis website.


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