Samsung's new super-HD display: can you say iPad 3?

Samsung's new super-HD display: can you say iPad 3?Let's face it – people are still snapping up the iPad 2 as fast as Apple can make them, but there's no question that leaving the tablet's 9.7in screen largely unchanged from generations 1 to 2 ranks as a disappointment.

So it's probably no surprise that the words “iPad 3” were being whispered all across the tech world this week when Samsung announced a new tablet-sized display prototype running at a whopping 2,560 x 1,600.

Samsung, one of Apple's leading component suppliers, says its new 10.1in 300dpi PenTile display will be heading to commercial tablets later this year – leading to wild speculation it could form the basis for some Retina Display action on the next-gen iPad 3.

In terms of pure pixel count, the WQXGA panel packs in more than five times as many pixels as the iPad 2's VGA display. That's thanks to the PenTile RGBW technology on board, which offers the display holy grail of higher resolution using less power on thinner panels.

Samsung says the display also comes with an outdoor viewing mode, which boosts brightness to 600cd/m2 – impressive when you consider the iPad 2's 410cd/m2 screen is complimented for its brightness.

Of course, there's no guarantee that the panel will find its way onto the next iPad at all. Either way it won't be exclusive to the Apple slate – the next line of Galaxy Tabs would be a pretty obvious choice, for example.

But wherever it lands up, sounds like the visual appeal of tablets are in for a serious shot in the arm later this year.

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