Sayonara Samsung? Team Shin contemplates bailing on Japan

Sayonara Samsung? Team Shin contemplates bailing on JapanWe’ve often observed that it’s pointless comparing iOS and Android global market share, since it’s essentially one phone vs. hundreds. You might as well compare the popularity of a fruit, an apple perhaps, against all vegetables.

But it’s a different case in Japan, where Apple sells more units than all other manufacturers combined, much to the chagrin of sixth-place Samsung. In fact, it’s suggested that Samsung might bail on The Land of the Rising Sun altogether.

There’s been great news for various manufacturers over the past few quarters, including record-breaking personal bests for LG, Apple’s best quarter of anyone EVER, and even a little profit for Sony Mobile.

But everyone else appears to be thriving at the South Korean manufacturer’s expense. Samsung was the only top-five player to ship less phones in 4Q14 than in 4Q13 (IDC).

One particular area of concern is Japan, where Samsung Mobile continually operates at a loss. It’s been kept out of the top 5 for two years now, and currently holds around 4% market share.

Japan was in fact first to see the Galaxy Note Edge, but that did little to endear Samsung to Japanese consumers, with just tens of thousands sold in the first few months.

Ultimately, Business Korea writes Samsung Considers Withdrawing Smartphone Business from Japan, as consumers repeatedly favour Apple and domestic brands like Sony and Sharp.

Sayonara Samsung? Quite possibly.

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