The screen on my San Francisco has gone blank and I've tried replacing the battery and resetting. Any Ideas?

Happened a few days ago out of the blue, about ten minutes after I got a text then nothing. It still makes noises when I plug it in and turn it on but the screen remains blank. For about two weeks before there was a small visual glitch before hand, but it didn't interfere with how the phone worked.

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mrew42  Jul. 7, 2011 at 11:21

Same thing happened to my Daughter's SF. It's an occasional fault.
It was still under warranty so I got it fixed by http://www.repairmob.com. Turnaround was less than a week.
Have a look at this post I made http://www.mobot.net/mobile-phone repairs-warranty, thouhg if you bought it from an Orange shop see what they can do.


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