What's the best security app for Android?

What's the best security app for Android?
Are free ones like Lookout or AVG enough, or is it worth paying for something?

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 23, 2013 at 11:34

It depends what you want. Some offer additional features like 'find my phone' etc...
The best security suite is YOU! Do not sideload dodgy apps from dodgy sites. Do not install pointless apps; read comments in the playstore. Do NOT open uninvited emails/sms/mms...
Do NOT leave your phone unattended. It's expensive and has a lot of your private life in it. Treat it adequately!
No security app will protect you from the latest malware! They say differently, but they are lying. It's a billion $$$ business. But at best, they have a solution days or weeks after the sh*t hits the fan... They can be good for tracking your phone, or finding apps that use too much data, blocking apps from needlessly accessing the web etc etc... BUT THEY DO NOT OFFER 100% security! Only you can get close to that level!


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