Security flaws found in over a hundred Android applications, including some big names!

Security flaws found in over a hundred Android applications, including some big names!

When we download applications from the Google Play store, many of us assume that they are safe and secure. Unfortunately security researchers have recently detected over a hundred applications suffering from a HTTPS vulnerability issue. This gaping hole in security means that usernames and passwords could easily get stolen along with other private data. You may be thinking "I'll be fine, i only use applications from  well known companies and developers" although none of that really matters.

Many well known applications from the likes of Pizza Hut,, Safeway and even NBA Game Time have been affected by this.  It's pretty scary to think that you could be paying far more than you thought while innocently looking for the love of your life online.

With the HTTPS encryption not being implemented correctly across so many apps, fraudsters can get their hands on our private data relatively quickly and easily. It really is quite worrying when you hear about such a security breakdown in programs you use so often. All of this seems a little silly really considering the fix shouldn't be that difficult to implement.

The best way to deal with this issue for now would be to change your passwords via your PC if possible, especially if the accounts are at all tied to any payment details. As we currently don't have a full list of applications that are affected by this security flaw, i'd advise downloading and running AppBugs. The application is currently in beta and is developed by the same security researchers that uncovered these HTTPS issues in the first place. AppBugs should help identify any potential security issues on your device. It may also be a good idea to stay away from the offending applications until fixes are in place. If we hear any more about this we will of course update you as soon as possible.

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