"Send my current location" "Share my current location" on an iPhone

I've just found these options on my iPhone:

"Send my current location"
"Share my current location"

What do they do exactly? I found them under iMessage - Details.

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JanSt / MOD  Dec. 10, 2014 at 12:46

Before iOS 8, you could only 'share' your current location via the Maps app.
Now you can do it in iMessage.

"Send Current Location" in iMessage, means just that - you send your current location this one instance in one message. Because, hmmm..., you want the ambulance driver to find you before you'zdead.

"Share your current location" means you can keep sharing your location for the duration of a message threat, over an entire conversation with everyone involved. You can specify for how long you want to continue sharing etc... The setup is popular with parents who want to always know were their chatty kids are in time and space.
Enable either, and certain options will show up.

More over here.

PS: obviously, for any of that to work, you need to have Location Services enabled on your iDevice.


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