September 4: Huawei smartphone with 2K 6in display, 8-core CPU?

September 4: Huawei smartphone with 2K 6in display, 8-core CPU?September looks set to be dominated by the iPhone 6 and – to a lesser extent – the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, but spare a thought for the world’s number three smartphone player.

Huawei is supposedly prepping a 6in 2K phone for September 4, but – curiously – is teasing it with... a number 7? Fear not; there’s logic in there. Somewhere.

PhoneArena relays Chinese whispers from MyDrivers, with the upshot being that Huawei is poised to unveil a spanking new flagship phone.

Officially, Huawei isn’t saying much beyond the use of a ‘7’ in the September 4 event invite, but there’s plenty of rumour meat to chew on.

For starters, it’s proposed that Huawei might merge its Ascend Mate and Ascend D brands, the former traditionally being massive (6.1in on the Mate 1 and 2), and the latter being the highest specced.

But the use of the number 7 is the really interesting part. Immediately you’d be forgiven for questioning the lucky number’s use in advertising a 6in phone, but supposedly it’s intended to indicate that Huawei’s phone is better than 6; better than the iPhone 6.

Comparisons with the iPhone 6 aside, specs on this new Huawei flagship supposedly include a QHD resolution and 3GB of RAM, or – yep, two versions – a 1080p resolution and 2GB of RAM. Further output from the speculatrix machine suggests they could be powered by Huawei's 8-core Kirin 920 processor.

Full story on September 4, which is incidentally the day after the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 launch. Just saying.

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