September 4: Moto X+1, Moto G2, Moto 360, a headset thingy?

September 4: Moto X+1, Moto G2, Moto 360, a headset thingy?As if September wasn’t shaping up to be busy enough already (IFA 2014, Apple’s inevitable iPhone 6 keynote, a new Huawei flagship), Motorola is all set to unveil as many as four new thingies on September 4. Okay, three new thingies and one familiar thingy.

An elaborate animated invite includes a phone with an X, a phone with a G, a watch, and some sort of device for your ear, probably of the Bluetooth variety.

Visible in all its gif-based glory over on Engadget, Motorola’s September 4 invite reads: “Choose to discover. Choose to have fun. Choose a new experience. Choose to join us.”

Curiously, the event will be held over in the US and not at IFA 2014, perhaps in an attempt to convince consumers that Motorola still bleeds red, white and blue – that’s despite being acquired by Chinese manufacturer Lenovo.

Furthermore, there’s a distinct possibility that any wares announced on September 4 will remain exclusive to the US – for a short while at least. The Moto X, for example, took 85 long years (give or take) to make the transatlantic voyage.

Martin scribbled about the Motorola Moto G2 yesterday, while the X successor is (almost certainly) the much-discussed Moto X+1. The Moto 360 smartwatch has already been launched to an extent, though exact specs, price and availability remain elusive.

Full story in just under three weeks.

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