Sharknado: The Video Game iOS review

Sharknado: The Video Game iOS review

# Go go go go go go go /Run away from the sharknado /It’s your greatest foe foe foe /Don’t wanna get eaten by the sharknado #

You all know what a sharknado is, right? It’s a rare meteorological phenomenon whereby a tornado sucks up loads of man-eating sharks from the ocean, carrying them inland and inevitably causing untold damage with the horror and the biting and the screaming.

In celebration of Sharknado: The Second One’s television debut on Syfy this week, Other Ocean Group has fired out Sharknado: The Video Game on the App Store – the only official Sharknado game.

In a move of unprecedented professionalism, I watched both Sharknado and Sharknado: The Second One this week in preparation for Sharknado: The Video Game. That’s a lot of Sharknado.

However, predictably, watching the Sharknado movies really isn’t a prerequisite for enjoying Sharknado: The Video Game. Sharks? Check. Tornados? Check. Endless running? Check. That’s about the size of it. But hey, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Indeed, much like the Sharknado movies, Sharknado: The Video Game somehow succeeds in being unashamedly crummy, but also surprisingly enjoyable. In that sense, Sharknado: The Video Game does exactly what it should.

Sharknado: The Video Game iOS review

Each run in Sharknado: The Video Game is split into cycles of three sections, each with three lanes. Yeah, you all know how this goes. Or do you?

In the first section, you’re speeding through the city (Manhattan) on foot, collecting coins, running up ramps, sliding under barriers, and using weapons (the baseball bat, the golf club, the sword) to beat sharks over the head.

Next up we have the surfboard section, which simply tasks you with manoeuvring between the lanes to avoid sharks.

Finally, there’s the utterly ridiculous section wherein you’re flying through a sharknado on the back of a shark, using a chainsaw to cut through other flying sharks – simultaneously taking care to avoid airborne taxis and food carts and junk. Brilliant.

Cut through enough sharks in that third and final section, and it’s death to that particular sharknado, at which point the level moves up a notch, and with it the speed and difficulty. Levelling up also introduces rarer sharks that are worth more points.

And that’s Sharknado: The Video Game. It’s suitably ropey, right down to the occasional crash, but even that’s somehow forgivable. Again, it’s exactly what it should be: utter crap, but a lot of fun (for a couple of hours, at least).


  • Good job of recreating the crummy/fun Sharknado experience
  • Flying through a sharknado on the back of a shark with a chainsaw
  • Three unique areas to keep things vaguely interesting


  • Occasional crashes
  • Bit samey after a while
  • £1.99 with IAPs to speed things along, hmm

Summary: Sharknado: The Video Game is technically rubbish, but oddly enjoyable, just like the films. Success.

Developer: Other Ocean Group

Price: £1.99 @ App Store

Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Sharknado: The Video Game iOS review

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