Shipping delays hit iPhone 4S

Shipping delays hit iPhone 4S

In the days leading up to the iPhone 4S launch last Tuesday, there were two little thoughts niggling at the back of our minds. The first was that Apple was only going to announce one new iPhone, and it wouldn't be the radical iPhone 5 everyone was drooling over.

And the second was that no matter how disappointed people would say they were, they'd still snap up the 'lesser' iPhone 4S in their droves all the same.

Well, guess what? The shipping delays that plagued the iPad 2 when it was announced earlier this year are now hitting the iPhone 4S. Only this time there's no talk of component or supply shortages – it really does seem a simple case of far more people wanting it than Apple expected.

Head over to the Apple UK site right now, and you'll notice all iPhone 4S models are marked “dispatched in 1-2 weeks”. It's not clear whether that's 1-2 weeks from the October 14 on sale date, or from right now (we'd assume the former), but either way it's looking like all initial pre-order stock has been snapped up.

The bottom line is that if you weren't in that initial group of fast-fingered customers who got their pre-orders in early, looks like your only chance of getting an iPhone 4S on launch day will be to hit the pavements and go shoulder-to-shoulder with the rest of the fanboyz.

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