Shoot the Apple Android review

Shoot the Apple Android reviewI’m on a bit of a roll with Android games of late. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve discovered the entirely decent Dragon Rush Pro and the utterly sublime Air Penguin.

Two tough acts for Shoot the Apple to follow then, but with an average 4.5 rating after 32,000 user reviews on the Android Market, I suspect we might be in safe hands.

The name Shoot the Apple conjures all sorts of worrying images, specifically of those terrible games where you have to shoot the apple off someone’s head with a bow and arrow. I imagine they’re pretty easy to develop, ‘cause there’s freakin’ tons of ‘em.

Thankfully, Shoot the Apple is nothing of the sort. I’ll hand you over to developer DroidHen for a quick description. Ready? “Alien is falling love with the apple. In each stage, apple is hidden behind obstacles. Alien needs your help, with the great power of the cannon, to reach the apple finally!” Amazing.

As DroidHen explained with its wonderful synopsis, the aim in each level is to shoot an alien – or several, as is often the case – out of a cannon, and ultimately hit the apple. There’s wind, pipes, moving platforms, ice, bouncy material, glass… all very familiar physics-based stuff, but it’s also very good.

In each level, you have an unlimited supply of aliens to shoot, though there’s the obligatory one-to-three star rating system. Each star nets you 15 gold coins, and they can be used to unlock new worlds.

There are 11 worlds in total, with more on the way. There’s something like 25 levels in each world, so that’s… a lot of levels! You don’t have to complete a world in order to move onto the next one, but you do have to unlock the worlds in order. If that makes sense. You can’t just save up and skip to the final world.

My main gripe is that Shoot the Apple is perhaps too easy. Once you’ve figured out the solution, you can quite easily pop back in and get three stars straight away. Usually. It’s also very samey, but that’s par for the smartphone gaming course.

Oh, and being free, Shoot the Apple features ads. Whatev’s, man.

If I were being really pedantic, I’d point out that many of the trick shots are as much about luck as they are about skill, much like Angry Birds. Even if you can see exactly what to do, you’ll often find yourself repeatedly pulling off the same shot until the randomness pays off and you hit the proverbial jackpot.

On the plus side, Shoot the Apple features some awesome ragdoll physics, and often the way a limb falls can make the difference between reaching the apple and, erm, not.


  • Impressive ragdoll physics
  • Tons of levels
  • It’s free


  • Samey
  • Luck v. skill
  • Ads

Summary: Shoot the Apple is yet another incredibly good physics-based puzzle thingy.

Developer: DroidHen

Requires: Android 1.6 or above

Price: free @ Android Market

Shoot the Apple Android review

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Certinfy  Jan. 12, 2012 at 18:37

I can see this game being a big hit, a very very big hit in fact.


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