Shoud I take my iPhone 3GS off charge as soon as it's finished?

Is it ok to leave my iPhone 3GS charging overnight?

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MDrX  Sep. 20, 2011 at 11:18

Err.. Yes. No. Probably.. Not sure. Depends who you ask.

I've charged my iPhone overnight since 2008. It is fine.
In theory the battery should stop charging as soon as it is full. It is never warm when I reach for it in the morning, suggesting that it hasn't been charging all night.

There are plenty of people who say it will be drawing power & topping up the battery all night; Plenty who say the heat caused from being plugged in will damage the battery; Plenty who say the 'memory effect' that isn't supposed to plague li-ion, does.

It's all hearsay and personal opinion. If charging overnight works for you and you haven't noticed any problems then carry on. I'm sure 95% do it.

Apple recommends that you use it between 0ºC and 35ºC ( and let it discharge completely once a month. They don't believe the 'memory effect' is present. I can't find them saying that charging overnight is a bad thing.

I don't know anyone who discharges completely on a monthly basis. Rude jokes aside.


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