Simpler Sony Xperia Nandroid Back-ups

Simpler Sony Xperia Nandroid Back-upsFor those of you with a rooted, ClockworkMod Recovery enabled Sony Xperia (may work with any model of Android phone) device with: Superuser, terminal and BusyBox installed, there is a time saving tool that will allow you to make Nandroid back-ups without the annoyance of booting into recovery!

If you have yet to make a Sony Xperia Nandroid back-up, what are you waiting for!? Having a Nandroid back-up will give you a safeguard in case anything goes wrong with your phone.

Imagine if you will, someone has made a physical copy of your phone. You don’t touch this copy until you mess your actual phone up. You can then go to your copy which will act just like your original phone at the time you made the copy (so it’s good to make regular back-ups). This is the essence of a Nandroid back up.

Usual rules apply. Mobot takes no responsibility for any damage caused to your device! Your phone may be wiped so back up anything important.

Download the following file:

Now place this file on your phone via internal or external memory.

This next step obviously goes against the aim of the tool. You need to boot into recovery! This is to install the package though, and once done you will only need to repeat this step if you want to update Onandroid.

Navigate to ‘install zip from SD card’, select and then navigate to where you put the Onandroid file. Select this file and then select ‘Yes’ when prompted. This will then install Onandroid onto your device.

Reboot your device and open your terminal emulator and type:



This will then place a Nandroid back-up in your /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup directory. Be patient as this may take some time.

There are commands available such as one that allows you to create a custom name for the back-up. Great if you plan to have multiple backups kicking around! These commands and others can be found in the XDA thread - credit to ameer1234567890.

With the five minutes our mobotniks will now be saving by using the Sony Xperia Nandroid backups, more time can be spent writing poetry... I guess?

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