Siri job listings suggest big improvements for the voice assistant

Siri job listings suggest big improvements for the voice assistantTwo schools of thought with Siri: on one hand it’s a semi-amusing gimmick for about five minutes before ultimately being disabled, or – conversely – it’s The Best Thing Ever and fuelled sales of the iPhone 4S.

While we really couldn’t give two hoots about the future of Siri (to put it bluntly), a bunch of job advertisements from Apple suggest Team Cupertino is putting a shedload of work into its hit-and-miss voice assistant.

A total of 28 Siri-related vacancies popped up throughout March, almost half of them over the Easter weekend. There’s everything from plain old Siri Software Engineers to a Siri Monitoring Architect.

While the Siri vacancies themselves aren’t hugely telling (the old gal would still need maintenance even if she were simply ticking over), there are signs that Apple has grand plans.

For example, Siri Interaction Designers will “contribute to extending Siri's capabilities, knowledge, and intelligence, helping invent new techniques for conversational interaction”, while the Siri Speech Operations Engineer will "take part in building and managing some of the world's largest server deployments".

Here’s a question for you, Siri: How many iOS users make use of you on a regular basis, say, more than once a month? I'd love to know.

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 2, 2013 at 16:30

Agree... Puzzling! Real human communication hasn't exactly flourished in the last, oohum, 2,000 years... Why add more BS?


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